Knowledge Capital is the core facility of Grand Front Osaka. It is the imminent birth of a large “knowledge” space, enlivening all global aspects, in Umekita of Osaka in Spring 2013.

In order to see, experience, participant and feel the attractiveness of Knowledge Capital in advance, Superstation Inc. had been the overall project producer for “Knowledge Capital Trial” consecutively for 3 times over 2009 to 2011.



KMO Corporation / NTT Urban Development Co. / OBAYASHI Corporation / ORIX Real Estate Corporation / Kanden-fudosan Co.,ltd. / Nippon Steel City Produce Inc. / SEKISUI HOUSE, LTD / Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. / Hankyu Corporation / The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. / Takenaka Corporation / NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.


Supported by:

Osaka Prefecture / Osaka City / Kinki Bureau of Telecommunications / Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Trasport, Kinki Regional Development Bureau / Urban Renaissance Agency / Kansai Economic Federation / Kansai Association of Corporate Executives / Osaka Chamber of Commerce / Osaka 21 Century Association / Association of Media in Digital / Digital Content Association of Japan / Kansai Press Club